Monday, June 21, 2010

Can I wear make up with a stye in my eye? Just a little?

I have a very small stye on my eye lid, it started yesterday when I thought it was just a little sore from my face wash getting too close to my eyes, but I'm pretty sure it's a stye. I've never had one in my life and I've always worn mascara and eyeliner since I was about 13 or 14 and never had an issue. I think, if this is possible, it was cuased by this new mascara I was using that seemed to make my itch on and off from flaking throughout the day, plus it always seemed even with trying to remove it I would wake up with some still on my eyelashes. Is that the most probably cuase? Also I heard you can't wear makeup, I have work, a prty this weekend, and today is my anniversary! Is there anyway I can? I threw out the old stuff and cut the top of my eyeliner off, can I at least wear a little bit?Can I wear make up with a stye in my eye? Just a little?
I would think any makeup you wear when you have a stye (eyeliner, mascara) you should trash once it is healed and replace with fresh makeup so you won't reinfect yourself. Also, you may want to use different liner/mascara on the infected eye.Can I wear make up with a stye in my eye? Just a little?
No, you a stye can transfer from one eye to the other really easily - finger / make-up / towel contact.

How about just shading in your brows to define them, wearing some blusher and maybe a bright red lipstick? Red lippy looks great when your eyes are left quite natural.

It will get worse!

A stye is caused by bacteria, most of the time you get them thru makeup/sharing makeup/etc.

Do not use ANY eye makeup, and make sure to sharpen your eyeliners, throw your mascara away, then get a new one with the stye heals...

Make sure you're using a stye cream (you can buy it at any pharmacy)....

Good Luck!
Chanes are you're right about how you got this stye. And no you should defintely not be wearing makeup while you have won't make it any better. What you should do is randomly put a warm washcloth on your stye for about 10-15 minutes...and do this at least 3 times today. Hopefully the swelling will go down a little bit, if not all of it. If you take care of it really well during the day today, hopefully it will be gone for your party this weekend. As for work, try not wearing makeup unless you absolutely feel you need to...and in that case buy your old mascara brand and put it on (try not putting it near your stye) and curl your lashes so it won't seem as obvious. Also, happy anniversary, but again...if you'll be going out for this occasion later today, then until then give your eye a rest and hold the makeup until later. Get well soon :)

and i have one too!

it's like little pimples around my eye!

i'm almost positive it's from that!
That is so weird!

I just got over my stye yesterday and I only got it after using my MOM'S eyeliner. Do you share with other people? Mom, friend, sister, cousin? If so, get some new eyeliner and mascara and stop sharing. This is what is causing it: sharing with people who might have an infection and then giving it to you.

My advice: Get your OWN make-up and just YOU use it, no-one else! Hope I could help! =)

NO. do not wear any make-up until the stye is gone. To make it go away faster, wash your hands BEFORE u touch your eye. You''ll know when you can start wearing it again when you feel your eye ';draining';

after it's done draining there will be some goop in the corner of your eye. That is the stuff that was in the middle of the infection. [sorry, I didn't mean to gross you out but that's what happened to me] Good luck and I hope It goes away soon!
I see your point about needing to wear a little make up, but keep in as ';little'; as possible. and when it clears up and you buy new make up, make it either Neutrogena or almay brands

they are hypoallergetic, great for sensitive skins and eyes.
thats wierd in these past 2 weeks ive had 2 styes, so i should know.

dont wear anymake up on ur eyes, just on ur face and lips, i know this is kinda hard cuz i love eye make up, i feel with out it :(
NO. It will make it worse and will infect your makeup. Did you throw ALL your makeup away? You need to or it will come back.
i actually had a stye in my eyelid about a week ago and i stayed away from wearing eye makeup.. it heals faster cause those things are so uncomfortable and be sure you use warm compresses.
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    2. Is it possible to be doing everything everybody says to do such as a warm tea bag, warm washcloth, no eye make-up, using eye drops, taking pain relief, but not seeing any results in the treatments?